Why Black Men love Big Butts?

Just like the lyrics from the song by Sir Mix-A-Lot, “I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers cannot deny. That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist. And a round thing in your face. You get sprung…”

In reality, what every man notice first whenever they look at a woman is her “juicy doubles” or her butt. But what could be the reason why men are into women with voluptuous curves? Is it really that important? For Black people, it is. Their community consists of women with large breasts, wide hips, and big butts. This is why there is a connotation in their mind that women who possess these are mostly the ones worth dating.

Having these qualities doesn’t guarantee a woman’s success in life, but hey, it can be useful. Below are some of the reasons why black men would prefer big butts:

Big butts correlate to being a better mother

Weird isn’t it? If having a big butt makes you a better mom, then you’d probably work your ass off on doubling the size of your butt. And everything you read in the books about becoming a superior mother to your child would definitely be neglected. Of course not! According to the Science Times, women with enhanced bottoms are subliminally more active during pregnancy which is why men love them more.

Bigger is better

Not all men will say it, but they would always prefer someone who exhibits a curvy body. A skinny woman may seem attractive at first, but in the end, men would always choose a voluptuous one. And of course, it’s more fun for men during, uh, you know. Get it?

It makes you feel empowered

In a society where being “skinny” is romanticized, having a bodacious body becomes more empowering. Imagine, you are in a community where only you possess that kind of body. You become more attractive to men because you are different—in a good way. When you appear different to the number of women with the same shape, you feel more empowered. Plus, you do not need to worry about having more because you already have a LOT.

Health becomes less of a worry

It doesn’t mean you do not need to take care of yourself. Of course, you still have to. Unlike women with thin bodies, they have to maintain their structure in order to stay the same. This is actually not good. The more you lessen what you eat, the fewer nutrients you obtain. Still, having a balanced meal every day is much better than decreasing your meal size just to fit in all ways.

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