Things You Need To Know When Dating a White Guy

When you date someone, you became more cautious in everything they do. You do this simply to give yourself a chance to know the person on a deeper level. This is why the getting-to-know stage is very important in the dating world. You learn how they behave which makes it an advantage to both of you in the relationship.

Some of us are really interested in dating a white guy because they are “too attractive”. But based on some movies, we kind of have a hint already on how they behave. Find out below some of the noticeable things when you are dating a white guy.

  1. They have this gesture of paying for the expenses on the first date.

Although it is a universal thing that a real gentleman pays for everything on a date, it is still a common courtesy for white men to do the honors of paying. It’s more of an ego thing. You can also do the gesture but they will still insist. They want to look like a big shot to you—but take note, they only do this when they really are interested in you. If they are not that into you, you would notice him asking for you to pay the half. So beware!

  1. White men are often shy.

They don’t want to appear too aggressive to their dates. It’s kind of cute actually. Aggression can sometimes turn down a woman easily; which is why they try their best to keep their composure. At times like these, they wait for the woman to start the conversation. Then, they’ll just go with the flow if they feel comfortable enough already.  If he looks you in the eye, doesn’t disengage from a conversation right away, and stay focused when you talk, then he is a keeper. Men who do not possess these traits may be involved, married, or not into you.

  1. They appreciate women who are more feminine.

Well, if we come to think of it, most men like women who are showing more estrogen. They love the feeling of being needed. Showcasing your damsel in distress attitude makes them feel like a real man. It doesn’t mean they won’t date you if you act too strong. They just like it more if you dress up nicely. If you smell good, then it will definitely be a bonus for you. Nothing attracts a man better than the scent of pheromones.

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